All Roads lead to the Old Road Wine Co.

All Roads lead to the Old Road Wine Co.

At the Old Road Wine Co. you’ll find a friendly fat man inviting you in for a delicious meal, a blacksmith with impeccable taste, a smous ready to assist you with whatever you may need, a postman taking you on a journey of discovery and a gentle Anemos breeze keeping you company while you peer across the magnificent Franschhoek Mountains.

Once inside, you’ll come across The Fat Man restaurant where you can indulge in contemporary cuisine and delicious flatbreads from Nonna, the wood-fired oven. The original Fat Man after whom the restaurant was named, used to be an institution at the local train station, where he would greet new and familiar faces with a friendly smile and interesting anecdote.

You’ll relish the view of the majestic Franschhoek Mountains from the Anemos deck, which takes its name from the Greek mythical origin of wind in reference to our very own South Easter.

If meticulous wine craftsmanship is what you’re after, visit the Anvil tasting room, a tribute to the once indispensable local blacksmith, who forged iron with his sledge and anvil over an open fire to create items that were both necessities and works of art.

At the 12 Mile wine bar, you’ll find our full selection of wines; the name a nod to the loyal perseverance of the postman of old. Not deterred by rain or shine, a 12-mile distance or fatigue, this messenger never faltered.

For something to take home, visit The Smous shop, named after the old characterful local trader who would travel far and wide with his trusty truck filled with provisions of every shape and kind.

At the Old Road Wine Co., we offer you experiences and stories that go beyond a winery and its vineyards.

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