On September 26th on Val de Vie Estate, Cape Winelands, an exciting new gallery space was launched to create a literal blank canvas for creative South Africans.

Gallery owner, collector and curator, Berdine Neethling, an avid supporter of the arts for many years, began planning the 190sq metre space 18 months ago.

‘This is one of the most exciting initiatives I have been involved with,’ she says. ‘I saw that firstly, there was a real need for a multi-faceted creative platform for anyone from an emerging fine artist or talented graduate to an established artist looking for a well-positioned, safe, secure gallery to exhibit high-value work. But it’s not confined to fine art,’ she adds. ‘The Gallery will be available to a variety of designers, artists and artisans, including jewellery, furniture and interior designers, ceramicists, food stylists, installation artists, photographers and for bespoke events. There’s no real limit to the creative genre. There is also scope for collaboration between creatives and the
opportunity to become involved in mutually beneficial projects.’

The design of the space and its integrated infrastructure also lends itself perfectly to private events and experiential product launches. With the rising popularity and success of the pop-up concept, The Gallery is an ideal temporary retail space to create an impact around a brand or designs.

The 6m high ceilings and excellent lighting – natural sunlight through banks of floor to ceiling windows and a specialised gallery LED system – ensure that works are displayed to their best advantage. Eight mobile display boxes on castors can instantly reconfigure the space. Ceiling-mounted extension cables allow for installations of up to 50 kgs.

Exhibitions and collaborations may run from a two day ‘pop-up’ event to an extended project. ‘We would really like to be as flexible and open as possible to creative thinking,’ says Berdine. ‘I see The Gallery as a framework for “conversations”, something exciting and stimulating but ultimately, a celebration of South African talent.’

The Gallery’s ‘soft opening’ in September 2019 will be followed by a series of exhibitions in the latter part of 2019 and into 2020, with a major exhibition planned for the first quarter.

For security purposes, visitors and potential exhibitors are required to contact The Gallery for an appointment and access to Val de Vie Estate. Signing up to the digital newsletter will keep interested visitors and artists informed. The Gallery will also use Instagram as a digital platform.

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Instagram : @visitthegallery